This pattern was covering a box of fish knives and forks in a Cambridge (NZ) antique shop, abstract pattern. June 2014

Noodles graffiti, Fairfield Bridge, Hamilton, Ring Master. June 2014.

Yay, Noodles is back, Sleeping Giant. June 2014. Under the Fairfield Bridge in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Cornus capitata fruit, Strawberry Tree or Himalayan Strawberry Tree. I have C. capitata flowers in the archive, 0698. April 2014. 

Reflections, Howarth Memorial Wetland, Te Aroha, 0687. April 2014.

Raglan Harbour, 0728. May 2014.

Flower of the Grey (or White if you prefer) Mangrove, Avicennia marina subspecies australalasica, 0727. June 2014, Thames waterfront, Coromandel, New Zealand.

Lake Ngaroto, P6150011. June 2014.

Late Summer clouds, 2909. March 2014.

Mounds for the Kumara crop, Te Parapara Garden, Hamilton Gardens, 3498. June 2014.