The volcanic Mount Karioi, the road we drove to Ruapuke (there are easier ones) 0268. I just love the way the windswept manuka trees break into layers .January 2014

Toward Papanui Point and Ruapuke, in the distance Albatross Point past Kawhia and Aotea Harbour, 0281. January 2014.

The very north end of Ruapuke Beach, looking toward Papanui Point (cave on right), 0226. Jan 2014.

Ruapuke Beach, about as crowded as I’ve ever seen it, 0227. Jan 2014.

Waikato evening, 2342. January 2014.

Mokau River, 2284. January 2014.

Colville Bay, Coromandel ,2341. Jan 2014.

Char Bargh, Hamilton Gardens. Dazzling in the bright sunlight, 2371. Jan 2014.

Screen print, December 2013. Attended a workshop in mid December, fun.

Volcanic cones, Waikato / Waipa, 9717. November 2013.