Old Past and Future Journal, screenshot. PFJ was a designed as a process to refamilliarise myself with my work, some of which is pretty old and/or minor. How pretty or important a piece is is beside the point, it may contain a seed for a future work or may illustrate a reason for a line of work. I optimized PFJ to run on my laptop using Safari to run locally off my hard drive. This is an Array page which had a thumbnail of every posted piece, very graphics heavy (this is just a small portion of the page).

A few things if you look closely. Emily The Strange; I did a series of Mac OS X icons for my daughter to use a while back, the copyright is not mine and thought of giving them to the publisher (I made a very good job of them). Two words in the navigation list: Moduline; best represented by pieces using the Wavy Line (or were line is used as tone or form as well). Interspatial; (to quote from the old PFJ) characterised by geometry, structure, centrality, interpenetration, layeredness and passage. I find the words a little embarrassing, however they represent a collapse of a phrase or ramble and the words fitted into the navigation space allowance.

All the HTML and CSS was hand written. I would like to make my own them for the Tumblr PFJ, but I will need to spend some time thinking about it.